Why you want to earn your media coverage

June 25, 2019 Pitch PR

Why you want to earn your media coverage

One of the most critical aspects of a business is promotion … how do you connect with potential customers?

There are three key ways to get publicity for your company: you can pay for it, distribute it yourself or earn it. Earned media is the most valuable because it’s the coverage money can’t buy. It’s also the hardest to obtain, which is why a public relations specialist is an important part of any communications team.

Paying for publicity is paid media:
This includes any type of advertising you purchase, such as pay-per-click and Google AdWords, banner ads, sponsorships, direct mail and billboards as well as other print, radio and television ads.

Delivering publicity yourself is owned media:
Anything you directly control including your publications or reports, your website and blogs and social media accounts.

Publicity you receive from independent sources is earned media:
This could include magazine or newspaper articles, posts from independent bloggers, customer reviews or testimonials, social media mentions, word-of-mouth recommendations (online & in-person) and shares or retweets.


It’s important to have an integrated media strategy with all three publicity elements working together.

Although owned media is your core content, its success and reach depend on the distribution efforts of earned and paid media. For example, if media content is posted on Facebook and takes off organically, putting money behind it can accelerate its reach.


Third-party endorsements establish credibility

Studies show that people are far more likely to believe a news story than an advertisement. Many consumers see advertisements as sponsored, biased and one-sided. New stories tends to carry more weight with audiences because it’s an independent source confirming your claims.

Consumers want evidence of your company’s worth

Today’s consumer expects to have a good sense of a company before developing a business relationship with them. Seeing advertising and visiting a website is no longer enough. Consumers want independent proof that your company can provide value and make a difference in their lives; earned media messages do that.

Advertising alone won’t help in a crisis

In the event of a crisis you need an established crisis communications plan, a well-trained spokesperson, and strong relationships with journalists. News stories in key outlets will help you get messages to your target audiences quickly.

Earned media can be a springboard for owned media

Earned media can highlight positives you’ve never considered before, or even present a problem or misconception about your company. Use this as an opportunity to generate your own content addressing those issues or demonstrating your assets.


Earned media is trusted by consumers and can produce higher engagement and shares that offers you credibility and product validation.

It takes time and resources to build a brand worth talking about and you can’t rush or force it.

At Pitch, our team can help your company create the owned and earned media it needs to attract your target consumer, encourage brand loyalty and increase your profitability.

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