Why you should outsource your social media management

October 6, 2018 Pitch PR

Why you should outsource your social media management

Whether you’re a publicly listed company or a small business owner, you’re likely to face similar challenges when it comes to managing your social media channels.

Regardless of the size of the business, time and a lack of resources are common themes.

All too often social media management becomes something of an afterthought. A task that’s delegated to inexperienced interns, or gets nudged further down an ever increasing ‘to do’ list.

If you’re not posting quality content regularly, you might be on the field but you’re definitely not playing the game.

For those who want to be serious players in the world of social media, the game plan needs to extend far beyond content creation.

Recent research revealed social media users expect a response to their social media comments within four hours. The average response time for a brand to reply on social media? Ten hours.

Outsourcing social media management to an agency like Pitch offers the peace of mind of knowing fans (and foes) will be responded to in a timely fashion seven days a week, day and night.

This is of particular importance when it comes to complaints or negative reviews.

It doesn’t matter if your objective is driving brand awareness, new leads for your business or digital reputation management, outsourcing your social media efforts will allow you and your team to get back to doing what you do best.


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