Why your PR strategy should incorporate video content

Why your PR strategy should incorporate video content

Traditional media exposure achieved through press releases and media relations has long been known as an effective way of increasing brand awareness. However, with the rise of online content consumption, integrating digital PR, in particular video content, is now an effective and engaging medium for businesses.

Incorporating a mix of traditional PR, social media and video content ensures your business is keeping up with current trends in media consumption and is achieving cut through in a busy landscape. According to market research, it’s estimated that in 2021 the average person will spend up to 100 minutes each day watching video content. Compared with the average time of 16 minutes per day spent reading content, it’s clear to see the benefits of investing in video.


Effective storytelling

Every public relations consultant knows that storytelling is a crucial element in creating an engaging narrative. Creating an effective brand narrative not only makes your content relatable for your audience but also drives action. So how does video differ from other forms of content?

Video is a versatile and in-demand marketing tool taking over the digital world. Marketers are increasingly using video to boost sales, gain followers and broaden brand awareness. The ability to capture your brand’s story in video form, combined with well-fitting audio and meaningful imagery is a powerful way to evoke emotion and leave a long-lasting effect on your audience.


The continued rise of online

The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused an exponential rise in the number of people working from home or without work. This has resulted in a huge rise in media consumption and ‘free’ time, with people affected by the pandemic consuming up to 68 per cent more video content during this newly found free time.

With many workers throughout Australia still opting to work from home or unable to work in their usual environment, consumers have more opportunity than ever to consume video content from the comfort of their own home.


TV is still thriving

The ability for your organisation to create its own video content is becoming crucial in a time when resources are tight in the world of TV news due to the rise of social media. Still highly regarded as a trustworthy media outlet, achieving coverage on TV news is known to achieve outstanding sales results.

Just recently, a Pitch client achieved fantastic exposure on a 9 News segment, resulting in a spike in website traffic and enquiry for the next 72 hours. This online activity is directly attributable to the traditional media exposure.

Capturing and supplying your own video content to support your pitch to TV news outlets is an effective way to increase your chances of achieving success. Broadcast media often look for ready-to-go video content they can utilise in news segments as this saves them time and resources.


As communication, content and public relations specialists, the team at Pitch are experts in capturing newsworthy moments using both written and video formats.

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