The reason your messaging isn’t resonating

January 14, 2019 Pitch PR

The reason your messaging isn’t resonating

Too often we come across clients who come armed to a meeting with pages of key messaging that they want incorporated into content.

They have 10 to 20 primary messages, 10 to 20 secondary messages and then targeted messages according to sub-brands, service offerings and products.

Add to this their personal branding messaging and their corporate vision statement, their brand position statement and the company’s valued statement and there are a lot of words floating around that need to be incorporated into content.

At Pitch, we try to unpin and untangle this content into simple statements. We are firm believers that the simpler the message the easier it is to repeat and understand.

Think about the old game of Chinese whispers where a message is repeated from person to person until the original  message is completely convoluted and lost.

Now think about this within the context of your brand.

Is your message lost? Is it resonating loudly? And clearly? Do different demographics understand it?

Can the intern, the foreman, the sales rep and the CFO all clearly speak to it?

If not, you need to call us, and we can work with you to simply your message and make sure it resonates across channels.

It’s what we do.



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