The Anatomy of Crisis Communications

July 21, 2019 Pitch PR

The Anatomy of Crisis Communications

At one point or another most businesses will encounter a public relations crisis. It might be small, or it could be earth-shatteringly big! While the scale of the crisis may differ, the importance of your response does not.

Thanks to social media, a public relations crisis has the potential to snowball into viral scandal. Your public relations response must be swift and well executed, and the Pitch team can help you weather the storm.


To avoid ending up in the PR Nightmare Hall of Fame – or even worse: begin losing business – take control of the narrative by accepting responsibility. Acknowledging concerns, accepting feedback and displaying a strong commitment to rectify the issue will bring your audience peace of mind.


The next step in facing a crisis is implementing frameworks to make sure the same mistake won’t be repeated. Accountability for an issue includes being responsible for making improvements to your business. Planning and reform within the business structure will help you avoid future crises.


Put your plan into action! You’ve acknowledged the issue, apologised and strategised, now you must implement new frameworks to show your customers that your business has changed and improved. Monitor online activity to gauge sentiment and respond clearly and proactively to any further concerns.

Even if you’re a small business or not active on social media, these are the platforms used by your customers to communicate with each other about your brand. Monitoring online activity may help you stop another crisis before it’s even begun.

If you need help with a PR crisis, contact us! We have the expertise to develop a crisis communications plan for you, so give the Pitch team a call today.


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