Optimising your website with a killer blog

January 20, 2020 Pitch PR

Optimising your website with a killer blog

For years the digital marketing experts have been talking about the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) for your website and, despite claims that it is dying, SEO is showing no signs of being any less relevant this year.

The way that Google and other search engines see and understand your website is controlled by algorithms. From the outset, we take control of what they see, the way they see it and how it is shown to your potential customers.

You may well be the best at what you do but if your website doesn’t meet the requirements of these algorithms then you are unlikely to be found in the first place to get your message across.

In fact, as more and more websites appear, everyone is competing for a smaller piece of the pie, making SEO more important than ever.

So, how can you ensure your website is optimised for search engines while still being interesting enough to keep viewers on your site?

The answer is with a consistent pipeline of high-quality content. Having a well-planned blog of relevant and engaging content that is optimised for your target audience tells search engines that the quality of your website content is good, therefore ranking you higher in search results.

But we’re living in the time of ‘content overwhelm’ with more than 500 million blogs on the internet producing over 2 million blog posts daily making it difficult for your content to stand out. What can we do to cut through the clutter and stand out?

We’ve compiled our tips for optimising your blog for success.


A balance of quality and quantity

Search engines love long-form, original content which is well-written and answers the searcher’s query in a relevant and timely format.

If you have a dental clinic in Brisbane, you want to be producing content for your website that covers a range of keywords and phrases that your ideal customer may search for, such as ‘Brisbane dentist’.

Now, well-written does not mean stuffing your key search terms or keywords into the body copy as many times as physically possible. Well-written means written by humans for humans – with SEO considered. It isn’t always easy but that’s why you outsource it to the professionals.

You also need to ensure you have a consistent, well-planned pipeline of content for your business to write about.

When you haven’t posted in over a month and start to stress about what you’re going to share next, you’re more likely to create something that is rushed and doesn’t provide a lot of value to your audience.

Professional writing and content creation is our area of expertise at Pitch. With quality content at the core of best-practice SEO, we use our research and storytelling skills to provide a constant pipeline of valuable content for our clients.

Quality content writing

Invest for success

You get what you pay for with SEO and content writing, meaning the quality of your SEO is a direct correlation to how much you pay for it.

Writing skills aren’t something that can be taught overnight and are best when developed through many years of experience. The same can be said about SEO – it is a long-term strategy that won’t bring you overnight success.

An intern in their second year of university hasn’t developed these skills yet and will likely not produce the results you need if you’re aiming to produce quality content that stands out and gets your brand noticed.

Many businesses invest with digital agencies who focus on search engine marketing (SEM) to get you at the top of search results but these are paid ads and won’t bring you the ongoing success you want.

What these agencies lack is the ability to provide the quality content to match. You can pay for all the ads in the world but if your website or landing page isn’t up to scratch, your customers will likely not convert.

If someone searching the internet lands on your blog there is still no guarantee that they will read any further than your headline. According to Neil Patel, only 20% of readers will look at the rest of your content so you need to ensure it is interesting, original and relevant.

Most businesses can find it challenging and time-consuming to produce regular content, which diverts them from core business activities. The team at Pitch live and breathe content creation so chat with us today about how we can take your blog to the next level.


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