Interning in the age of COVID-19

May 6, 2020 Pitch PR

Interning in the age of COVID-19

An internship is a great stepping stone to the career that your university degree is preparing you for, and it’s also your chance to test out your skills in a real-world setting.

Ask any university student, and they will tell you that internships are an essential part of the learning experience, bringing theory into practice. They provide a building block for your resume and help to kickstart your career. Internship opportunities also provide first-hand exposure that allows you to get a real insight into what the world of communication is all about.

The Pitch team on our morning Zoom call.

My journey to securing an internship started with my studies at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), where I am now in my third year of a Bachelor of Mass Communication majoring in Media & Communication and Advertising. This degree has allowed me to channel my passion for both creative and strategic thinking into my work, which is now being put to the test with my internship at Pitch PR.

When I first started my internship at Pitch, I had no idea what was in store. During the first weeks, I was put to the test, with opportunities to apply what I had learned at university and develop new skills in the Pitch office. However, who could have predicted a worldwide pandemic would mean I am now completing the remainder of my internship experience from home.


What it’s like completing an internship from home

Interning remotely, I’m fortunate enough to still work on a wide variety of tasks every week, from creating social media content schedules to writing online articles for clients. But this uncharted territory has created new and unique challenges to overcome. I am faced with the difficulties of not having my colleagues physically nearby to help through the learning experience, the issues that come with not having the same resources available as at the office, as well as distractions like having a TV and bed nearby that come with working from home.

To say it isn’t difficult at times would be a lie. Still, it is a rewarding experience that has taught me how to adapt and has provided me with opportunities to learn and improve my skills in ways I would never have expected.

To work through these challenges and maintain a stable and supportive environment, Pitch has introduced daily Zoom meetings, supported by consistent email check ins and messages to keep everyone informed and on track. This communication has played a vital part in interning remotely as it allows me to ask questions and stay in the know. Additionally, Pitch has granted me access to office resources such as an online server and remote access to programs, websites, and accounts, making the transition easier.

Interning at Pitch is helping me achieve the goals I set for myself, such as developing an understanding of social media, improving my copywriting skills, and gaining real-world insight; but working remotely has driven me to push myself further. I’ve set new goals and ambitions for myself, focusing my growth in new directions. I am incredibly grateful that the team at Pitch is continuing to facilitate my internship and learning from home.


Tips for interning from home

If I have discovered anything from this experience and my time at Pitch so far, it’s that you can’t be afraid of a challenge and that a good attitude can be your most valuable asset.

And for any other interns that have to work remotely, I recommend implementing these steps:

Create an open and clear line of communication with your supervisors – Whether you prefer email, messenger, texts, zoom, or calls, or even a combination of these methods, having a constant back and forth keeps you on track and motivated. Additionally, having that constant communication gives you a clear path to easily ask questions and get feedback.

Take full advantage of any and all resources – Although you may not have access to everything you would have in an office, focus on what you do have. Also, research tools and programing you can use at home that can substitute what you don’t have access to.

Create a dedicated workspace in your home – Having a space that is dedicated to your internship will help you separate work and home life, creating a much-needed divide. This will help you focus on your work but also relax once you are off the clock.

Stay in a routine – Creating a routine in the morning will help you get in a productive mindset, allowing you to be more accomplished during the day. Whether it is as simple as washing your face and making a nutritious breakfast or more complex, stick to it.

And above all, make sure you have a good internet connection. Nothing is more frustrating than working with internet that keeps dropping out!


So if you were to ask me, is a remote internship worth it? I can say, without a doubt, that a remote internship is worth every minute. Like any internship, it provides a valuable learning experience and I encourage all those considering an internship or currently undertaking one not to be deterred by the prospect of remote working.


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