The ever-expanding skillset of a PR consultant

November 9, 2020 Pitch PR

The ever-expanding skillset of a PR consultant

With the lines between public relations, communications and marketing blurring faster than ever before, the essential skillset of a PR consultant has also shifted and grown.

As more and more traditional news outlets close or move to digital only, PR agencies need to look for alternative methods of achieving success for their clients.

Nowadays, some PR agencies have an extensive service offering which spans PR, media relations, social media management, content writing, SEO, issues management, project management and more.

With such a wide variety of services on offer, consultants need to stay up to date with the latest trends, best practice and technologies.

Here are just a couple of examples of the services we offer at Pitch that expand far beyond PR.


Project management

Arguably, a PR consultants best skill is their ability to identify story angles and tell those stories in unique and attention-grabbing ways, and the best storytelling always comes from a deep understanding of the subject matter and a great, natural ability to communicate.

In this industry, it’s not uncommon to be announcing a new project or service launch for a client every other week, which requires a solid understanding of each project and its importance not just to the media but to the wider public.

A benefit of involving your PR consultant at every stage of your project journey is the added storytelling opportunities that they will naturally identify along the way. That is our job after all!

If your project isn’t of a scale that requires a dedicated project management team, your PR consultant could be the ideal choice to step into this role. A consultant’s ability to plan, organise, executive and analyse proves to be a valuable asset when it comes to project management.

The team at Pitch recently helped a client in the professional services sector by project managing the launch of their new website which involved briefing a website designer, copywriting of all website content, testing the website, providing regular project updates and a post-launch content strategy which included ongoing blog and social media content.

For assistance managing your project, get in touch with the team at Pitch today.



With many news outlets switching to digital-only offerings and more brands choosing to focus on their owned channels, the importance of SEO has never been higher.

It is widely known that search engines, such as Google, prioritise content that is well-written, valuable, accurate, relevant, fresh and timely, but staying on top of best practice SEO requires a deep understanding of digital marketing.

Gone are the days where you can jam pack as many relevant key search terms as possible into your website content in the hopes of appearing in the top spot for users. Search engines prefer content that is compelling and authentic.

Some of the highest ranked websites in the world are content focused sites such as social media platforms, news sites and information resources like Wikipedia, which shows how important content is to the algorithm.

For one of Pitch’s clients in the increasingly crowded disability support services sector, the need for a regular stream of informative, accurate and authentic content optimised for search engines was the obvious choice.

By working closely with our digital marketing partners, we manage an ongoing SEO content plan that attracts a high volume of traffic to the website, ultimately leading to increased brand awareness, leads and conversions.


If you’re looking for new ways to reach your audience, speak to the communication experts at Pitch today.

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