Four social media trends to watch in 2022

Four social media trends to watch in 2022

Can you believe it’s that time of the year again?! Yes, that’s right. We’re nearing the end of the year, which can only mean one thing. Everyone is cramming to get their work finished before saying Adiós to 2021!

This has been a year of highs and lows on social media. With Facebook temporarily banning news on its platform for Australian users and TikTok continuing to grow in popularity among consumers and brands, staying relevant on social media can sometimes feel tricky.

Here at Pitch, our team of social media specialists have outlined the top trends you can expect to see in 2022.


  1. 2022 is the year to get your brand on TikTok

TikTok is set to be the most important social network for marketing in 2022, yet many brands are still hesitant to join the platform.

In September 2021, the number of TikTok users surpassed 1 billion. This is a 45 per cent increase since January the same year. To put this astronomical growth into perspective, Instagram users grew at a rate of 6 per cent in 2020.

TikTok now sits at number four on the list of most popular social media networks, excluding messaging networks.

Still not convinced your brand should be on TikTok?

In Hootsuite’s 2022 Social Trends report, consumers ranked TikTok ads the most inspiring and enjoyable form of social media advertising. This is due in part to the nature of the platform’s content. Short-form videos are easy to consume and allow for creative freedom, giving brands an opportunity to showcase their personality.

If you’re considering trying TikTok, we recommend starting by identifying a trend that can relate back to your brand’s unique selling points (USPs). Take Duolingo for example. The language education program has amassed more than 27 million likes on its video which tap into trending dances and audio to highlight its benefits and points of difference.


  1. Instagram will make its comeback with its host of new and improved features

Could 2022 be the year of the Instagram comeback?

To stay ahead of competitors such as TikTok and Snapchat, Instagram is currently launching several new features that may have benefits for your brand. Instagram’s latest features include the story link sticker, new data analytic tool, collab feature, Instagram live scheduling tools and branded content partnerships. Let’s delve into a few!

Story Link Sticker

Available to all Instagram users, the story link sticker has replaced the pre-existing ‘swipe-up’ feature, which was reserved for verified accounts and users with over 10,000 followers. This is great news for your brand, as you will be able to directly link to your website or other resources to drive traffic.

Collab Feature

While the collab feature is only available for select users so far, this functionality allows your brand to collaborate with up to 20 people in feed posts and reels. This content will be shared on both creators’ Instagram feeds, allowing your brand to increase its reach and engagement.


  1. Facebook will keep the top spot

Facebook will retain its number one ranking in terms of active users. With more than 2 billion users, Facebook is a popular social media platform with businesses due to its targeted advertising capabilities.

By 2022, it is predicted that Facebook video content will account for more than 80 per cent of internet traffic. Remarkably, Facebook videos receive more than 135 per cent more organic reach than images! With no signs of slowing down, it’s important your brand is looking to integrate video content into your 2022 Facebook strategy.


  1. Businesses will integrate LinkedIn’s new features to build brand loyalty

With an increasing number of professionals flocking to the platform, LinkedIn is tipped to be the social destination for businesses in 2022.

LinkedIn is a great platform for engaging and building trust with your community… and it’s only getting better! LinkedIn’s latest feature, Articles for Pages, enables you to access detailed analytics about the people who interact with your page. This can help you tailor your content to suit your audience.

LinkedIn has also upped its game when it comes to advertising, with the ability for page admins to boost posts. Much like Facebook, you can be selective about who you target your content to, making it ideal for B2B marketing.


At Pitch, our team of communication experts understand the importance of using social media to achieve your businesses goals. To stay up to date with the latest social media features and updates, get in touch with the team at Pitch today.


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